Niall Horan Cell Phone Number

Hello Niall's fans.I know many of you would like to hear his voice on the phone,or even talk to him a bit,so i will share his phone number with you.I managed to get his number through his agent cause i introduced myself as an agent for a big fashion company that would like to sign a contract with him. :)))

I can't put his number on Youtube,cause they always send me a warning,and if i put it here,then haters can get his number.So you true fans can download it from the button below. enjoy talking to Niall,he is really friendly and nice


Molly   JUNE 11

OMG,i talked to Niall.i talked to him for just a minute,but he was so nice <333

Crissy14   JUNE 14

Is it really his number?can anyone confirm they talked to Niall Horan????

xXNiallsGirlXx   JUNE 16

It's really his number.i called and Niall answered,hope we will stay in touch *.* :)) thank you